Selling Your Home Alone

Selling Your Home Alone

The book ‘Selling Your Home Alone’ is designed to inform readers about the easy and quick secrets of selling their homes for top dollar and saving most of the cash by doing it alone without an agent. The eBook is available for download online.

‘Selling Your Home Alone’ will teach you the exact techniques to follow and you will benefit from knowing how to get low cost and free advertising which includes how to have sufficient exposure that will not cost a dime, and methods of using various free methods of advertising adequately to save advertising fees. Moreover, you will be capable of negotiating a win-win sale with any nervous buyers; under this section, you will learn how to place an offer down on paper so quickly for closing, and how to protect your interests while avoiding any confrontation.

The eBook mentions quite a number of marketing and advertising techniques that work perfectly. You will know every secret the professionals use to sell fast, and how to prevent wastage of money on ads that do not work. Find out the ultimate way to sell your home using the World Wide Web. the book describes how you can set the stage for fantastic showings for buyers so that you do not fail miserably after working so hard to get the buyers to show up, ways to have additional help by involving bankers and lawyers to help you with no extra charge, and how to handle real estate agents who work for you or against you; you will discover how to engage agents to your advantage or getting rid of them at once. Whether you are a busy person with kids or an involving full-time job, this book guarantees that you will be able to sell yourself. The program can even teach you various methods to leverage your energy and time to your best advantage in case you are extremely busy; consequently, you can save big on commission.

Despite the situation you are in, the book is 100% bullet-proof; even if it does not fully assure you that your house will go under a contract that very weekend, or that you will save some $14,000 in real estate commissions. Nevertheless, it is a guarantee that incorporating the knowledge in the book will help you sell faster than doing without it.

Unfortunately, there are some houses which will never sell or they might take many years to sell because of factors beyond their control, for instance, the conditions of the surrounding environment may pose challenges to selling a home especially if the location is near a nuclear waste dump or a nearby airport. The price factor also contributes to houses that that never sell; in some cases, it does not work simply because the homeowner does not want to follow advise.

Regardless of the challenges, people have reaped benefits by sticking to the simple and powerful strategies Jim Edwards mentions in his book concerning how to sell their houses in the least time possible time based on the existing local market conditions. He points out the correct way to sell and how to acquire maximum exposure as possible within the shortest period. If you adhere to all the guidelines stipulated in the book ‘Selling Your Home Alone’, your house will sell.

The book is truly a gem; it is worth 150 times over what you will pay elsewhere. Act today and get the following bonuses: a special report entitled ‘How I Did It’ that reveals what Edwards did to sell his two houses and how his friend sold his house in just one day after making changes to his ad; Edwards holds nothing back in telling you every detail about each deal. For example, you will discover how the ads were written, the terms that were offered, how they both handled phone calls and everything concerning the deals. The report above is worth 10 times the price of the book since most prefer knowing how he did rather than reading the book; they want to know how to copy his idea.

Another bonus report entitled ‘How to get Free Property Listing Pages’ has over 11 various free places to immediately list your home online for sale. You will not spend a dime in for advertising. the free house listing sites will guide you where and how to expose your home to numerous online buyers as possible. Actually, you will sell your house faster the more you expose it. You will get assistance on the best places to have free advertising by developing ads and the property listing pages which have traffic hitting them daily. this step prevents you from paying anything for a real estate listing online since you will know how to get similar and better real estate listings that several sites charge monthly $20 to $50 for free.

Another bonus from Edwards is the 25-minute live uninterrupted radio interview where he mentions the 9 keys to successful selling. The interview presents tricks, tips, and strategies on seller safety, proven marketing strategies, controlling your time, smart negotiations with nervous buyers, and much more.

Selling Your Home Alone
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