Foreclosure Listings Canada Review

Foreclosure Listings Canada Review

This is a top rated site dealing with Bank foreclosure listing information throughout Canada. This program avails financial institutions foreclosures and helps locate repossessed homes for purchases throughout the country. Generally, the information relates to the property going at considerable prices, in most cases 50% below the market value. The site provides not only the largest database but also legitimate listing information to help individuals get inexpensive homes for purchase throughout the country. If you subscribe to the site, you will be availed with an updated list of modern foreclosure listings on a daily basis via your email. You will get alerts relating to new listings within your region. Over the past, this program has had a lot of reviews and all of them points to one conclusion; it is a very nice product. There are so many scammers out there who want to advantage of the fact that Canada is a highly productive country and this may make you fear. We cannot give you a guarantee about other programs that claim to offer similar services. Nevertheless, is a very legitimate program and 100% legal. All the dealings are secured and at no point has there been cases of fraud. Subscribing to this program is one of the best investments you can ever make and we are going to ascertain that.

About the Owners

This is the most critical aspect of any product. Any company should have a physical address of its head office and at least the owners. is not owned or operated by any corporate entity. Should there be a cause of alarm? Not at all! As we mentioned at the outset, this is a very secure and legit program. According to the terms and conditions of this site, it is a sole organization. The site is surreptitiously listed under their designated hosting establishment.

How the Program Works      

For individuals visiting the site for the very first time trying to obtain a feel for the site’s database, they are availed a $7 risk-free attempt. Nevertheless, this has a 2-month warranty, which means they can always be refunded fully if they file a claim following a dissatisfaction. Upon registration for the free trial, one is allowed access to the database where he or she can look for discounted listings that sell for up to 50% less the market values. What is more, the listings come with financing offers from various lenders.

What if one desires to be quite selective or need access to the database for longer periods? Well, in this case, a monthly member is offered at the cost of $49.99. This is actually a smaller value considering the fact that you are going to save thousands of money simply by having access to the database for different investment opportunities. Nonetheless, cancellations can be made at any time by simply calling their hotline or by following simple steps given on the site’s contact page.

Advantages of                                                       

  • It is reasonably priced.
  • You can get access to property valued at 50% less the market price. This means you can make significant savings.
  • Listings come with specially designed financial offers from different lenders. This means you don’t have to start worrying again looking for lenders personally. You will save a lot of time as well as finances.
  • The fact that it links potential buyers and sellers is advantageous.
  • It is among the most popular sites in Canada and this removes concerns about legitimacy issues.

Disadvantages of the Program

  • While it is true you can save a lot of money by using the site, the benefits can only be realized if you happen to find a favorable deal which materializes. Otherwise, the payments you make can be counted as a loss.
  • There are some trust issues. While they claim to be in the industry since the year 2007, a WHOIS domain search indicates the domain was established on 23/11/2009. Many people work on the principle that whoever is not faithful on what is little cannot be faithful in what is great.
  • There are some legitimacy red flags. As we mentioned earlier, a legit entity should have identifiable owners, a transparent physical address and contact information. But things are tough in How do you explain the lack of corporate ownership as well as an operative oversight? Besides, it is so worrying that there is neither a physical address nor contact information on their website. These are not matters to be taken lightly. You ask yourself why such important information is not disclosed but you cannot get answers. This means the legitimacy of the entity is in question and so you may want to be careful.

The Bottom Line is a fantastic site that can help get a favorable deal through foreclosure listings. This is a powerful tool you need and will provide you with a lot of opportunities and at the same time allowing you to save a lot of funds. Give it a try and you will significantly benefit.

Foreclosure Listings Canada
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