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All About Capital Gains: Computing capital gain taxes; Homeowner exemptions; Creative exchanges to avoid capital gain

All About Real Estate Exchanges:

Creative Real Estate Investing Guide: Overview of the Real Estate Investing Process; Standard Lending Requirements; Creative Financing Basics; No Down Payment Programs; Looking for Target Properties; Property Management Basics; Getting Started; Guide to Preparing a Business Plan; Analyzing, Building & Repairing Credit; Property Take-Over Checklist; Rental Application; Sample Lease Agreement; Installment Agreement & Proposal; Sample Purchase Option; Property Inspection Checklist; Property Investment Analysis Form; Preapproval Request Questionnaire

  • a href="">Introduction to Real Estate Development
  • a href="">Introduction to Investment Property Types & Tactics

Investment Property Tax Advantages: Overview; Deducting Losses; Deducting Depreciation

Successful Property Management

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Real Estate Investment Secrets

Real Estate Investment Secrets

Discover the Jealously Guarded Insights of Real Estate Tycoons and Hot Dealers! Back in the days of the wild, Wild West, when easterners traveled across this vast country looking for opportunity in the newly opened territories, they were often referred to as a ‘tenderfoot’.

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