Real Estate In Depth

The "Real Estate In-Depth" section reviews different elements and issues about real estate. This section contains the following articles:

  1. Introduction to Real Estate: Land; Real Estate; Real Property
  2. All About Air Rights: Condominium; Railroads; Airplane over-flights
  3. All About Deeds: Types of deeds; Requirements for a valid deed
  4. All About Easements: Classification of easements; Creating & Ending Easements
  5. All About Fixtures: Regular fixtures; Tenant fixtures
  6. What You Should Know About Foreclosures: History of mortgage foreclosures; Types of foreclosures; Foreclosure process; Relief against foreclosure
  7. All About Leases: Leasehold estates; Types of leases; Elements of a lease
  8. Lease Requirements and Elements: Basic lease elements; Tenant responsibilities; Landlord responsibilities; Condition of property; Termination of lease
  9. Ground Lease:
  10. Commercial Lease:
  11. Sale-Leaseback:
  12. Closings and Transaction: The closing process; Pre-closing legal issues; Real estate closings;

Mortgage closings; Closing in escrow; Post-closing issues

13. Condominiums: Elements of the Condominium; Condominium Loan Requirement; Condominium

Conversion & Construction

  1. Cooperatives:
  2. PUDs and Townhouses:
  3. Eminent Domain: Requirements; Procedure
  4. Marketable Title: Seller's true ownership; Liens; Easements; Building and zoning restrictions; Leases and tenants; Encroachments; Title insurance coverage
  5. Mortgage Deed and Promissory Note: Dissecting the Mortgage Deed; Analyzing the Promissory Note
  6. Environmental Issues:
  7. Real Estate Contract: Contract basics; Elements of the real estate contract; Alternative types of real estate contracts; Buyer Issues to Consider; Seller Issues to Consider; Remedies
  8. Real Estate Fraud: Misrepresentation; Conduct; Non-disclosure
  9. Real Estate Taxes and Special Assessments: Types; Process; Enforcement; Challenging assessments
  10. Real Estate Trusts: Living and testamentary trusts; Land trusts; Real estate investment trusts (REIT)
  11. Real Estate Investment Trusts:
  12. Recording: Why recording is necessary; The recording process; Chronological order
  13. Selling Your Real Estate:
  14. Spousal and Co-ownership Rights:
  15. Subsurface Rights: Mineral Rights; Oil and gas
  16. Surveys and Legal Description: Metes and bounds; Government survey system; Plat of survey
  17. Title and Estates in Land: Freehold estates (fee simple and life estates); Leasehold estates (estate for years, periodic estate, estate at will and estate at sufferance)
  18. Title and Title Insurance: Abstracts and title examination; Title certification; Torrens system; Title insurance
  19. Title Transfers and Wills:
  20. Transferring Title: Involuntary; Voluntary
  21. Zoning and Building Codes:

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