No Down Payment Programs

Although neither widely taught among real estate agents nor openly advertised by most lenders, there are several no down payment programs and options available for the smart property investor. However, as with most if not all short-cuts, there is always a price—usually either in pricing, restrictions or time.

In this discussion of No Down Payment programs, the focus will be on non-conforming, but conventional financing methods for obtaining a property with no down payment. The methods reviewed below are applicable to purchases of single-family homes and condominiums, as well as of multi-unit apartment or commercial buildings.

Most down payment programs can be roughly divided into two groups:

  1. Lender-arranged programs
  2. Creative transaction plans

Note that if you are serious about acquring investment properties with no down payment, please take the time to review the "Creative Real Estate Investment Guide" in the "Real Estate Investing" section.

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