Information Collected By Appraisals

The appraisal includes a large variety of information that must be read and analyzed by the loan officer or processor. The appraisal examines the property to determine its worth and to provide the lender with a risk assessment.

Whether the house will be single-family, multi-unit, condominium or construction affects the type of information that the appraiser must gather, which partially explains why the appraisal for a four-unit building costs more than the appraisal for a single-family home.

The appraisal must contain the market value and an analysis of the following eight data categories:


Property & lender information


Neighborhood description


Site description


Improvements to the site


Cost approach analysis


Market data analysis


Income approach analysis


Reconciliation of value estimates


Additional support documents

Again, we have also included a sample appraisal report for your perusal.

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Borrowing Basics

Borrowing Basics

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