Foreclosure Purchases and Buyers Conscience

A seldom addressed issue when buying foreclosure properties is the buyer's conscience (if you have one) bothering him or her about pushing people out of their home.

Some people probably deserve to lose their home. Unfortunately, many people who face foreclosure do so because of a job loss, family crisis or widespread economic downturn.

An alternative approach to buying from the actual home owner is to offer to give them a chance to redeem their property. You can negotiate to buy the property; then rent it back to them with a purchase option. By offering them this lease with purchase option, they get to stay in their home and have a chance to buy it back once they are back on their feet.

You will profit from the rental income stream, as well as from the net difference between your purchase price and the sales price.

Remember also that during such a lease-to-own period, you own the property and can use its equity for other investment purposes. So you can turn around and buy more properties.

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