The biweekly program is not for all homeowners. In fact, there are disadvantages to this program. A question many financial analysts will point out is that why should you pay off future debt with current dollars.

Remember that every dollar you pay today will be worth about 50 cents (or less) in twenty years. With a typical 30-year loan, biweekly payments will trade each solid dollar today for 50 cents in the future. You are often better off using prepayment funds to pay off non-deductible, higher-rate debts—such as credit cards and personal loans.

The peace of mind of paying off your mortgage early and having fewer burdens in your later years is a big positive. But on a purely financial basis, the biweekly payment may not always be the best program for you. You have to calculate the potential savings--and non-monetary benefits--against the probable costs.

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What You Need to Know About Real Estate

What You Need to Know About Real Estate

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