Creative Transactions

If the borrower is unable to qualify for or obtain an affordable mortgage loan, there are still legal methods available to purchase the property with no down payment.

The common elements required by all of these creative transaction methods are time and seller cooperation. These methods are legal, applicable and common; however, they require a seller and a lender willing to work with you. Atlas Mortgage is that lender, and (fortunately) many sellers are willing to help, especially when they are under pressure to sell.

Four main types of creative transactions are available for prospective home buyers or real estate investors who cannot immediately qualify for a sufficient mortgage loan:

  • a href=""> Installment contract
  • Assumption
  • Lease-to-own option
  • Seller financing program

All of the above four options are discussed briefly below. Atlas Mortgage has also prepared more detailed reviews of these four creative approaches to buying with little or no down payment. Just select the appropriate link to jump to the specific section you would like to explore further.

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Best Investment Tips and Ideas

Best Investment Tips and Ideas

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