Creative Financing Programs

This section offers information and tools about different creative financing methods that you can use to obtain and invest in real estate. The articles and items in this section include the following:

  • How to Buy Property with NO Down Payment
  • How to Lower or Eliminate Closing Costs
  • How to Buy Foreclosure Properties
  • How to Buy Properties from Tax Auctions/Sales
  • How to Buy For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) Properties
  • How to Buy with Option Contracts
  • How to Buy Properties with installment Contracts
  • How to Arrange a Purchase Option with Your Lease
  • How to Buy Properties Through Loan Assumptions
  • How to Use Seller Financing to Grow Your Portfolio

Disclaimer. The following samples are provided to familiarize yourself with proposals and approaches you may consider taking. We do not warranty or recommend usage of any of these forms. You must consult a real estate attorney or professional to prepare and/or approve specific contracts or documents you intend to use.

  • Sample: Offer Letter to FSBO Seller. An example purchase offer on a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) property.
  • Sample: Purchase-Sale Agreement.
  • Sample: Offer Letter to Seller for Installment Contract
  • Sample Form: Installment Contract
  • Sample: Offer Letter to Seller for Lease-Purchase Option.
  • Sample Form: Lease Purchase Option Clause.
  • Sample: Offer Letter to Seller for Assumption Option. An example letter that can be used to request the seller's cooperation in allowing you to exercise the assumption option in the seller's current mortgage loan.
  • Sample: Offer Letter to Seller for Seller-Held Financing.
  • Sample Form: Loan Promissory Note.
  • a href=""> Sample Form: Mortgage Deed

We hope that you've found our Mortgage and Real Estate Resource helpful and informative. We welcome all comments, critiques and suggestions; please send emails to [email protected]. Remember that whether your are buying a home or an office building, you are investing in real estate. As with all investments, the best investors are those who can gather the most knowledge, tools and resources. Regardless of whether you use our lending services, please spread the word about our resource center to anyone you know who may benefit from our site.

Real Estate Planning And Prosperity

Real Estate Planning And Prosperity

Entrepreneurs go against the flow. You've a business idea. Lots of individuals have business themes. The difference is that you, the entrepreneur, take action. Realty investors are the same.

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