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A review of real estate capital gains taxation can qet complicated because of the many regulations and allowances provided by law. But a good working knowledge of these tax regulations and benefits can often mean the difference between profit and loss for many real estate investors.

The stock market has introduced most Americans to the scourge of capital gain taxes. The problem many Americans (especially Republicans) have with capital gain taxes is that it smacks of unfair double taxation. For example, if you own stock in IBM, that company pays income taxes on its earnings, which also happen to be your earnings. Paying capital gains seems to many as another layer of income taxes.

Real estate, however, offers special opportunities to defer and avoid capital gain taxes. The details covered in this article require us to split this review into three sections:

  • a href="http://www.atlastitle.net/literature/All_About_Capital_Gains2-ComputingGain.htm"> Computing capital gain taxes
  • a href="http://www.atlastitle.net/literature/All_About_Capital_Gains3-HomeownerEx.htm"> Homeowner exemptions
  • a href="http://www.atlastitle.net/literature/All_About_Capital_Gains4-Exchanges.htm"> Creative exchanges to avoid capital gain

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