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Atlas Mortgage Corporation is an Oklahoma mortgage Supervised Lender. Atlas's loan consultants have amassed decades of experience in banking, home mortgages, commercial finance and real estate. Atlas is a fullservice mortgage supervised lender licensed to provide mortgage loans for any properties in Oklahoma. Whether you're buying a home, consolidating your debts or building a real estate investment portfolio, Atlas can provide you with the exact mortgage financing you're seeking.

We still provide the same mortgage loans you'll find at your neighborhood bank. But we also provide many other loan programs that your local bank does not or will not offer. We deliver all of these with professionalism and attention, for the simple reason that mortgage loans are all we do. We cherish and depend on your patronage. Our past success has been based on word-of-mouth. Our future success will only come from your complete satisfaction.

Although our specialty is residential properties, Atlas also provides mortgage financing for commercial properties, mixed-use buildings, apartment complexes and businesses.

To provide the widest array of programs, Atlas deals with investors, banks and lending companies from all across the nation—as well as several overseas lenders on commercial projects. Today, Atlas offers more than 500 different programs for residential mortgage loans alone. In addition to providing conventional loans, Atlas also offers a multitude of nonconforming loans for alternative or sub-prime applicants.

Among our proudest achievements have been savings homes from foreclosure, recovering homes after foreclosures, saving borrowers from bankruptcies and helping homebuyers achieve their dreams.

Atlas promises honesty, quality and professional service—and we deliver.

We provide borrowers and real estate agents with a realistic assessment as soon as we perform the preliminary qualification. We then employ all our resources to ensure that our borrower receives the best loan possible.

I welcome any comments, questions or requests you may have. You'll notice as you proceed through this resource center that we avoid hard-sell pressuring. That doesn't mean we don't want your business; it's simply that it isn't our style, and I hope that you will allow us to be of service to you.


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We hope that you've found our Mortgage and Real Estate Resource Center helpful and informative. We welcome all comments, critiques and suggestions; please send emails to [email protected]. Remember that whether your are buying a home or an office building, you are investing in real estate. As with all investments, the best investors are those who can gather the most knowledge, tools and resources. Regardless of whether you use our lending services, please spread the word about our resource center to anyone you know who may benefit from our site.

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The Real Estate Profits

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