I would like to thank the administrative staff in the Department of Management at the University of Keele for their support while I was prepossessed with the completion of this book, in particular Vickey Lello, the undergraduate secretary. I would like to thank Jim Shilling, Abdullah Yavas, and Janet Leece for their comments and advice and Dwight Jaffee for his assistance and permission to use online documents. Thanks are also due to Madeleine Metcalfe the Real Estate Issues editor who has provided invaluable support throughout.

The author would like to thank the following publishers for permission to reproduce material. Elsevier for permission to reproduce as Figure 7.1, Figure 1 from Posey, L. & A. Yavas (2001) Adjustable and fixed rate mortgages as a screening mechanism for default risk, Journal of Urban Economics 49: 54-79. MIT Press for permission to reproduce as Figure 5.1, Figure V from Jaffee, D.M. & T. Russell (1976) Imperfect information, uncertainty, and credit rationing, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 90(4): 661-6. Kluwer Academic Publishers for permission to reproduce as Figure 9.2, Figure 1 from Quigley, J. M. & R. Van Order (1995) Explicit tests of contingent claims models of mortgage default, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 11: 99-117; and as Figure 5.2, Figure 2 from Brueckner, J.K. (2000) Mortgage default and asymmetric information, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 20(3): 251-74.

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