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What the average homeowner or home buyer fails to realize is that bankers, loan officers, mortgage brokers, or whatever your lenders call themselves, are salesmen. Certainly, if you purchased your home from a realtor and used her lender, you most likely got a feeling of trust in that person, because the realtor referred him. "This guy will help you complete your loan," the realtor will tell a prospective buyer. "He'll help us close quickly, and you'll be in your new home in less than a month."

Suddenly, the banker is a guy who will help you. Now, he's your friend. The intention here is not to scare you into thinking that everyone in the mortgage business is a bad person, looking to rip you off, but don't trust this guy, just because a realtor sends you to him. Remember, they work together. The realtor needs the sale, and the banker needs to make loans. They are both salesmen, and salesmen are people who make commissions, based on a particular price. This goes for loan officers, just the same as it goes for a realtor or a car salesman. That used car salesman makes more if you pay more, and the mortgage banker makes more, based on how high your interest rate is.

Interest rates: the key to your success

When I worked in the mortgage business as a full-time loan officer and sales manager, the average customer was far more concerned with the costs of completing the loan and the final monthly payment than with the interest rate on the money they were borrowing. This is one of the biggest mistakes home buyers and people refinancing make in completing a home loan.

Unfortunately, most Americans live from one payday to the next, barely paying the bills, so all they're concerned with is what the monthly payment will be and if it will fit their budget. Bankers feed off of this, as it becomes easy to simply fit a loan into a payment schedule, ignoring interest rate, altogether.

In fact, most people make it easy on the mortgage broker, asking more questions about payments than about interest rates. The unsuspecting borrower will say, "I can't pay more than $1,000 per month." The cunning loan officer will feast on this person, like a starving man at a Thanksgiving dinner. Remember, bankers and

The first big secret is about to be revealed.

mortgage brokers keep secrets, advising in ways that appear to save you money but really cost you thousands in the long run.

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