Mobile Home Lot Lease Agreement And Security Deposit Receipt

THIS INDENTURE, made this {_1_} day of { 2 ) between {_3__}, hereinafter designated the Lessor, and { 4 }. hereinafter designated the Lessee,


That the said Lessor does by these presents lease and demise unto the said Lessee the mobile home lot situated at {_5_}, upon the following terms and conditions.

1. Term: The premises are leased for a term of {_6_}, commencing the {_7_} day of {_8_}, and ending the {_9_} day of {_10_}. IF THE ABOVE TERM IS MONTHLY, LESSEE HEREBY

WAIVES THE RIGHT TO A TERM OF ONE YEAR OR MORE, HAVING FIRST BEEN OFFERED SUCH YEARLY TERM ON CONDITIONS NO MORE BURDENSOME TO LESSEE THAN THE MONTHLY TERM OFFERED. This waiver is only valid for a period of one year from date and upon expiration of one year from date and upon expiration of one year Landlord shall again offer a monthly tenant a new term of one year.

2. Rent: The Lessee shall pay rent in the amount of ${_11_} per month for the above premises on the

  • _12_} day of each month in advance to Lessor at {_13_} plus additional charges of
  • _14_} for:

which are also due monthly and are to be paid on same date as rent. Charges that are to be paid by Lessee less frequently than monthly shall be submitted to Lessee in a written itemized bill and shall be paid by Lessee on the next monthly rental payment due date, and are as follows:

The monthly rent shall be increased only by prior written notice of three months or more preceding the beginning of any month or period of tenancy. In case of increase of rent, it is understood that all other provisions of this agreement shall remain in full force, changed only by the increase in the amount of rent.

Lessee agrees to pay a late charge of ${_16_} per month if all rent and additional charges are not received o n or before the date provided herein or if a check is returned for any reason. Upon non-payment of rent or other charges when due, Lessee(s) shall be given written notice of five days to pay such plus a late charge or vacate.

  1. Utilities: Lessee shall pay for service and utilities supplied to the premises, except which will be furnished by Lessor.
  2. Sublet: The Lessee agrees not to sublet said premises nor assign this agreement nor any part thereof without the prior written consent of Landlord, and then only if Lessee(s) have given Lessor fifteen days prior written notice of such intended assignment or sublease. Lessor shall approve or disapprove assignment on the same basis that Lessor approves .or disapproves any new tenant.
  3. Lessee's Obligations: Lessee shalt
  • a) Keep said premises in a clean and sanitary condition;
  • b) Properly dispose of rubbish, garbage and waste in a clean and sanitary manner at reasonable and regular intervals and to assume all costs of extermination and fumigation for infestation caused by Lessee;
  • c) Properly use and operate all electrical, gas, heating, plumbing facilities, fixtures and appliances;
  • d) Not intentionally or negligently destroy, deface, damage, impair or remove any part of the premises, their appurtenances, facilities, equipment, furniture, furnishings, and appliances, nor to permit any member of family, invitee, licensee or other person acting under this control to do so;
  • e) Not permit a nuisance or common waste.
  1. Maintenance of Premises: Lessee agrees to mow and water the grass and lawn, and keep the grass, lawn, flowers and shrubbery thereon in good order and condition, and to keep the sidewalk surrounding said premises free and clear of all obstructions; to replace in a neat and workmanlike manner all glass and doors broken during occupancy thereof; to use precaution against freezing of water or waste pipes and stoppage of same in and about said premises and that in case water or waste pipes are frozen or become clogged by reason or neglect of Lessee, the Lessee shall repair the same at his own expense as well as damage caused thereby, and to generally keep the leased premises in reasonably good and attractive condition.
  2. Alterations: Lessee agrees not to make alterations or do or cause to be done any painting to said premises without the prior written consent of Lessor.
  3. Use of Premises: Lessee shall not use said premises for any purpose other than that of a residence and shall not use said premises or any part thereof for any illegal purpose. Lessee agrees to conform to municipal, county and state codes, statutes, ordinances and regulations concerning the use and occupation of said premises. Lessor shall maintain the premises in substantial conformance with all applicable provisions of municipal, county and state codes, statutes, ordinances and regulations governing maintenance or operation of such premises.
  • a) Immediately notify Tenant, by certified mail or updated posting, of any changes as to the person or address of the Lessor;
  • b) Maintain all structural components and roads in good repair; free from unsightly objects and conditions: and prevent the accumulation and detrimental effects of water;
  • c) Keep common areas reasonably clean and safe from defects increasing the hazards of fire or accident;
  • d) Provide a reasonable program for the control of infestation by weeds and noxious plant growth, insects, rodents, and other pests at the initiation of the tenancy, provided however, that Landlord shall not be held responsible where infestation is caused by the Tenant;
  • e) Maintain all electrical, plumbing, heating and other facilities and appliances supplied by him in reasonably good working order.

9. Access: Lessor shall have the right to place and maintain "for rent" signs in a conspicuous place on said premises for thirty days prior to the vacation of said premises. Lessor reserves the right of access to the premises for the purpose of:

  • a) Inspection
  • b) Repairs, alterations or improvements;
  • c) To supply services; or
  • d) To exhibit or display the premises to prospective or actual purchasers, mortgagees, tenants, workmen or contractors.

Access shall be at reasonable times except in case of emergency or abandonment and in all other cases Lessor shall obtain the prior written consent to access from the Tenant. Lessor shall respect the privacy of Tenant.

  1. Solicitation: Door to door solicitation in the mobile home complex is expressly prohibited.
  2. Surrender of Premises: In the event of default in payment of any installment of rent or at the expiration of said term of this lease, Lessee(s) will quit and surrender the said premises to Lessor. Termination shall be by written notice of at least one month, preceding the end of any rental term, given by either party to the other: provided, Tenant may terminate upon thirty days written notice if a change in employment requires a change in residence and Tenant shall not be liable for rental thereafter unless Landlord is reasonably unable to rent the lot for a fair rental; and provided further, any tenant who is a member of the annual forces may terminate upon less than thirty days notice if his reassignment orders do not allow greater notice.
  3. Security and Damage Deposit: The Lessee has deposited the sum of ${_17_}, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, which sum shall be deposited by Landlord in a trust account. All or a portion of such deposit may be retained by Landlord and a refund of any portion of such deposit is conditioned as follows:
  • 1) Lessee shall occupy said premises for term agreed to above;
  • 2) Lessee shall clean, repair and restore said premises and return the same to Landlord in its initial or better condition, except for reasonable wear and tear, upon termination of this tenancy and vacation of residence;
  • 3) Lessee shall surrender to Lessor the keys to premises;
  • 4) A portion of the aforementioned deposit is to be retained by the Lessor as a non-refundable cleaning fee in the amount of ${_18_}. Any refund from deposit, as by itemized statement shown to be due to Lessee, shall be returned to Lessee within fourteen days after termination of this tenancy and vacation of the premises.

13. Rules and Regulations: The rules and regulations of the complex including rules for guest parking, are annexed hereto and expressly made a part of this agreement and Lessee hereby acknowledge receipt of a true copy of same.

Substantial or repeated violation of the rules and regulations of the mobile home complex may, at Lessor's option, result in termination of Lessee's'tenancy. Lessee shall be given written notice of any such violations and fifteen days in which to comply or vacate. In case of a periodic rather than continuous violation, written notice shall specify that the same violation repeated shall result in termination.

14. Eviction: This agreement may be terminated by the Lessor for any of the reasons stated herein or in any manner provided by law. If Lessee continues in possession of the premises after termination by Lessor, or after the expiration of this lease as provided above, Lessee agrees to pay to Lessor, as liquidated damages, the sum of

${_19_J per day for each day Lessee remains in possession. Such liquidated damages shall be in addition to any reasonable costs, expenses, and attorney's fees provided for above. Notice of eviction shall contain the specific reason therefor.

Lessee agrees that he has examined the premises and lot, and is satisfied with the condition of same, and accepts the premises and lot in their present condition, except:

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Lessee(s) and Lessor, or his agent, each hereunto sets his hand the day and year first written and acknowledges receipt of a copy hereof.

  1. Lessee(s)
  2. Lessee(s)

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