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Heres just a small preview of what youre about to learn: Module 1: Mobile Homes Inside Parks Basics. Understanding the Mobile Home Investing Basics. My 3 Step Plan for Targeting your local Mh buyers market. Finding and Attracting 50+ motivated leads instantly. How to use the Mhdmf to achieve your financial goals in the next 12 months. Module 2: Working Your Leads. Hear Live Recorded Calls between John and Real Sellers. Comfortably be able to screen sellers and make appointments. Know when and which purchase offer to make over the phone. Filling out Purchase Agreements on the Fly. Module 3: Creating Winning Offers for Every Mobile Home, Closing. Learn my 6 Step process to making Win-Win purchase offers every time. Cutting through a sellers BS to get to the real lowest price. Understand how you will close and own almost any mobile home in a park. Module 4: Marketing, Reselling, Paperwork, Trusts, Forms. Learn, Organize, and Print all your investing and closing paperwork. Study our Sellerss Most Commonly Asked Closing questions and know all the answers. Learn to Sell a Mobile Home before you buy it. Know how to capture the most value and maximize your profit

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Passthrough Cash Flows

Evaluating the investment characteristics and performance of pass-throughs requires an understanding of pool structure and the cash flows generated. Accordingly, we begin with the most common case, a pool of 30-year, level-payment, fully amortizing, fixed-rate mortgages, a simplified example of which is show in Exhibit 3-1. Five mortgages in different original loan amounts with different interest rates by convention called coupons are pooled to create a 1 million pool. From them, varying...

Efficient Sensitivity Analysis of Mortgage Backed Securities

A mortgage-backed security MBS is a security collateralized by residential or commercial mortgage loans. An MBS is generally securitized, guaranteed and issued by three major MBS originating agencies Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. The cash flow of an MBS is generally the collected payment from the mortgage borrower, after the deduction of servicing and guaranty fees. However, the cash flows of an MBS are not as stable as that of a government or corporate coupon bond. Because the...

Hedge accounting MSR value declines

Under Dutch GAAP out performance of hedges is not recognized in earnings, but rather as a reduction of the MSR. Conversely, under US GAAP, income is recognized on the hedge and an offsetting Impairment is recognized on the asset. Derivatives are closed resulting in the receipt of 600 in cash. The offsetting entry reduces the MSR book basis as follows Derivatives are marked to market each period through earnings. The MSR also is marked to market each period for the risk hedged. Closing a...

Impact Of Cashflow Variability On Yield And Average Life

The actual economic performance of a pass-through is a function of the timing and amount of cash flows, on the one hand, and the degree of discount or premium from par paid, on the other. We can illustrate this in Exhibit 3-7 by considering the impact of different CPRs on the yield14 and average life of a 5 pass-through with a 357-month WAM, similar to the example in Exhibit 3-1, and having a 54-day delay, similar to a Fannie Mae pass-through . Prepayments are varied in CPR in the top half, PSA...

The Public Securities Association PSA Prepayment Standard

Bond Payment Chart Prepayment Speed

In the pass-through market, the CPR is the standard unit of measurement. However, pass-throughs are regularly structured into CMOs series of bonds that are solely paid by cash flows from the underlying pass-through commonly referred to as collateral, which is why market jargon now uses collateral as a synonym for pass-throughs . In that application, it is not appropriate to assume a constant CPR because newly issued loans and pools tend to exhibit very small prepayments. Indeed, the likelihood...