Introduction Use OPM to Achieve All That You Really Want

n this book, you will discover how to arrange the best deal when you finance your home or investment properties. But you'll gain much more than that. Mortgage Secrets goes beyond "the best loan for the lowest cost" type of discussion and shows how to achieve multiple objectives. For example, how many of these goals appeal to you?

  • Own your own home?
  • Trade up to a larger home?
  • Refinance an existing property?
  • Buy properties at bargain prices? Foreclosures? REOs?
  • Strengthen your qualifying ratios?
  • Overcome cash or credit problems? Boost your credit scores?
  • Own a home or investment property that you think is priced beyond your means?
  • Own rental properties that yield positive cash flows and high rates of appreciation?
  • Reduce borrowing costs by tens of thousands of dollars?
  • Buy property with little or no cash out of your own pocket?
  • Avoid predatory loan reps, loan terms, and loan costs?
  • Learn to live "on the house"?
  • Build millions in wealth and enjoy a life of financial freedom?

Yes, in this book you will learn the best, the easiest, and the least costly ways to finance real estate. But you will gain much more than that. Most importantly, you will discover how to use credit (Other People's Money, or OPM) to create wealth. You will learn to think about money and financing in ways that will change your life. Before you borrow, you must always answer these two questions: (1) Will this loan help build my net worth? Or, (2) might this loan diminish (or maybe destroy) my financial future?

Banks and finance companies want you indentured to them. Unless you resist, they will load you up with car loans, credit card loans, home equity loans, boat loans, vacation loans, and other types of monthly payments that zap your financial strength. Although such loans enrich the banks, they deep-six your ability to create a secure and prosperous future for your family and yourself.

So, read Mortgage Secrets to discover the best way to finance the properties you want to own. But also, think big. Let Mortgage Secrets guide you toward the financial goals that will bring about the life you would really like to live. To win the money game, outsmart the banks. Learn to cheaply borrow productive debt. Say no to high-cost consumer loans. Steer clear of consumer debt that swamps you in a quicksand of monthly payments.

Think of OPM not just as Other People's Money. Think of OPM as Our Productive Money. When you learn the secrets of leverage and productive borrowing, you learn the secrets of the millionaire mind. You learn the secrets of living well.

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