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If the past forecasts the future, the next several years will produce a strong need for rescuers. To build equity wealth fast, or perhaps to increase your affordability, ask foreclosure specialists whether borrower defaults, foreclosures, and REOs are piling up in your area.

Although you can save big with seller financing, foreclosures, and REOs in all times and places—soft markets spell buyer's delight.1 Yet, as high tide rolls in, many would-be buyers fear to even dip their toes in the water; but if you're willing to take the plunge when others shiver in a blanket of worry, you will earn a gold medal.2 Now let's look at these lesser-known property finance possibilities in more detail.

1 No one likes the personal hardships created by tough times, but when sellers, borrowers, and lenders need relief, someone else stands to profit. This someone could be you.

2During the previous high tide of foreclosures and tough times in California (1993-1996), my books of that day went firmly against the accepted opinion that "homes were no longer a good investment." I strongly urged homebuyers and investors to take advantage of the amazing buying and financing opportunities then available. Those who acted upon my advice earned extraordinary profits.

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